Audrey Dunn is a fictional character in the Unbreakable franchise. Dunn is married to former college football star David Dunn.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Upside-car-1-montage-600x499 (1)

Audrey in the car during the car crash.

Audrey was born in Philadelphia 1960, When she reached the age of 20, Audrey started to data David, Audrey near fatal car accident involving his Boyfriend and future husband David.

They were married for years and had a son named Joseph. Little is known why, but David and Audrey's relationship has strained to the point where they sleep in separate bedrooms.

Unbreakable Edit

Audrey and Joseph reunites with David among other families of victims wait for him at the hospital. Audrey was asked by David if he every got sick, she didn't recall him ever being sick.


Audrey on a data with David.

At home, Audrey tells David that she believes it is a miracle that he survived that train and wishes they could start over again, even going as far as asking him out on a date. Audrey and David went on there data, where she asked David what how did he feel on there first data, which David reported with he was scary.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Enemies Edit

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