The Orange Man was a sadistic janitor who committed a home invasion and became David Dunn's first target in his efforts to become a hero. He served as a secondary antagonist of the 2000 superhero thriller film Unbreakable.

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The Orange Man getting choked out by David.

The Orange Man was a janitor at a railway station in Philadelphia. At one point, he committed a home invasion and began living in the home. He attacked the family in their home, killing the father and taking the mother, son, and daughter prisoner. After a period of torture, the mother was also killed.

When David Dunn went in search of a criminal whom he could act on and stop, he bumped into the janitor at the railway station, giving him a vision of the man's crimes. David followed the man to the home and went in after him. He found the father's corpse before finding and freeing the children. He found the mother's corpse upstairs, but was pushed off of the balcony by the man. He landed in a pool, nearly drowning before being saved by the children he had rescued. David went back to the room where the mother was and snuck up behind the man, putting him in a chokehold. The man resisted, slamming David against the walls and elbowing him in the ribs in an attempt to free himself. However, David managed to hold onto the man and strangled him to death.

The next day the story about the children's rescue was printed in the newspaper, and David showed it to his son to prove that his father is indeed a hero. Elijah Price used the same paper to explain to David that his life as a hero had only just begun.

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  • Minor Strength: Rarely shown, but the Orange Man was able to show strength on a few occasions. In David's vision, during his attempt to break into a family's house, he was able to overpower the man of the house and force his way into the house with ease, no matter how hard the man struggled to keep the door shut. Even though he couldn't physically hurt David, he was quite capable of pushing him hard enough to knock him into the pool.  When David had him in a chokehold, he was able to lift David up and slam him against the wall in an futile attempt to get him to let go, despite the latter's denser bone structure.

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