1947 Edit

  • Mrs. Price was born.

1967 Edit

  • Dr. Karen Fletcher was born.

1969 Edit

  • Mr. Benoit was born.

1971 Edit

  • John (Casey's uncle) was born.

1960 Edit

1961 Edit

1974 Edit

  • Elijah Price received a gift, which was his first comic book.

1980 Edit

1982 Edit

1988 Edit

  • David Dunn and Audrey Dunn was involved in a car crash, after this crash David was forced to leave his professional football team.
  • David Dunn started working as security guard at a football stadium.

1990 Edit

1994 Edit

  • Kevin Wendell Crumb was born.
  • Joseph Dunn was born.
  • Dr. Karen Fletcher started working as a psychologist.

1996 Edit

1997 Edit

  • Marcia was born.

2000 Edit

  • David Dunn and Kevin Wendell Crumb's dad was involved in a train accident which David was the only survivor sustaining no injuries, as 131 passengers died.
  • David Dunn discovers he has superhuman levels of strength, stamina, and invulnerability, as well as an extrasensory ability to see the crimes people have committed by touching them.
  • David Dunn saves a mom and her daughter from the Orange Man.
  • David Dunn finds out that Elijah Price is the one who committed mass murders through manufactured disasters in order to find such a being.

2003 Edit

  • Casey Cooke when camping with her father and John.
  • Casey Cooke was traumatic by John.
  • Mr. Cooke died from a heart attack.
  • Casey Cooke was forced to live with John.

2013 Edit

2014 Edit

September 24 Edit

2015 Edit

2017 Edit

  • Casey Cooke when to Claire Benoit's birthday party, where Mr. Benoit was attacked by Kevin Wendell Crumb and kidnapped Casey Cooke, Claire Benoit and Marcia.
  • Kevin Wendell Crumb would became the Beast who has superhuman levels of strength, speed, mobility (allowing him to scale walls and ceilings), and a voracious hunger for human flesh, and sacrificed Claire Benoit and Marcia.
  • David Dunn was watching the event on the news.

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